Drinking Water Containers - Why Plastic Bottles Have Got to Go!

By Olivia Romero
The late, great comedian, George Carlin, used to do a comedy bit about how he saw people, everywhere he turned, carrying a water bottle. He punctuated this hilarious routine with an exasperated question: "Just when did everyone get so thirsty?" As funny as this was, his keen observation about the increase of people carrying their own drinking water containers points to a more serious problem: plastic water bottles have become one of the biggest sources of pollution in the
U.S. Plastic bottles have got to go!
In recent years bottled water has become one of the giants of the beverage industry. As Americans continue to demand clean drinking water, this industry has gone full-throttle to ensure that each and every person is able to have their own drinking water container, when and where they want it. Unfortunately, "full-throttle" means that over 60,000,000 plastic bottles are produced, transported and disposed of EVERY DAY in the U.S. alone!
Don't get me wrong. I like having the convenience of drinking clean water from my own drinking water container. However, there is no evidence that bottled water is any cleaner than most tap water. The government doesn't even require bottled water be any safer or purer than tap water. So what you're buying (and I've been guilty of it too) is a slick advertising concept that makes it seem as if this bottled water just bubbled up from a mountain spring. And then you're stuck with having to dispose of this polluting plastic.
So does this mean that personal drinking water containers are a bad idea? Absolutely not! You can still drink clean, filtered water conveniently from your own personal drinking water container. All you have to do is use drinking water containers that have been designed to be used over and over again. The best reusable containers are made from glass.
Besides being 100% recyclable, glass containers have other advantages. Glass preserves the taste and purity of filtered water. Water stored in plastic bottles risks becoming contaminated from plastic byproducts, like BPA and phthalate. As these substances leach from the plastic, the water loses its taste and purity. Glass doesn't have this problem.
And let's not forget that refilling and reusing these drinking water containers is going to mean more money in your pocket. If you are buying bottled water on a regular basis, it can get expensive.
There is also a psychological advantage to using glass drinking water containers. When you're thirsty and looking in the fridge for something good to drink, and you spot a crystal-clear, cold glass container of water, you're going to instinctively reach for it. Drinking more clean, healthy water is one of the best ways to promote good health.
These non-polluting, drinking water containers are readily available from most reputable water filtration system providers. You can find these providers, like I did, with just some simple research. When your drinking filtered water, conveniently, from your own reusable drinking water container you will be doing yourself and our planet a big favor.
Article authored by Olivia Romero - http://www.cleancoolwater.com - "There are many important reasons why we need clean, healthy water but there's one which has to rank as the most important of them all.
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